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We accelerate your growth on Amazon. Better traffic and more conversions - together with AMZonix.

We help you make Amazon successful

Strategy, listings, SEO, branding, advertising, analysis and optimization.

Amazon is e-commerce but different....

Everything needed for success on Amazon. When you get started: we discuss the strategy and take care of setting up the account, create full and proper product listings including all SEO on the front and back end, including A+ content for branding and with the right pricing strategy we start advertising.

Are you already advertising? We take care of scaling up to your desired target (e.g. ACOS or ROAS) by optimizing bids, budgets and campaign structure.

All this with Machine Learning; the latest AI technology that improves itself (m19 - Amazon Advanced Partner) allowing us to reduce costs and increase results above average (25-55% is standard).

We guarantee that: if you don't make it, we work for free*


* we then do not charge for analysis and campaign management

Advertising on Amazon?

Put AI to work for more profits.

Want to know how we view Amazon with 15 years of ecom experience? Call or app now.


Amazon - real room for growth

Taking Amazon to a new market?

Got too big for Netherlands Google, Meta or Bol? Or looking to grow? With Amazon it can be done. In the Netherlands and Belgium, of course, but especially in Germany. And the rest of the world.

We help you

Setting up Amazon

Do you face the hassle of starting on Amazon? We know the frustration and will solve it for you.

Creating Listings

Setting up listings is not complicated but has a certain learning curve and therefore takes time.

SEO and branding

Amazon accepts bad listings, but that won't get you sales. Rather fewer products and good.

Optimize PPC

PPC optimization is complicated and different from Google or Meta, we and our AI software have experience.


AI supported optimization

We are available for projects and on an hourly basis.

What we do is up to you. We offer experience, additional knowledge and hands. For example, for strategy, account setup, listings, SEO, branding and for 24/7 bid, budget and campaign optimization.

Our cases

Who have gone before you? From startup to multinational.

Also start with Amazon and AI


AI supported optimization

We are available for projects and retainers

We do the strategy, account setup, listings, launch and optimization.

Thinking about Amazon?

Is Amazon important to my business?

We advise on Amazon's place in your strategy, the impact for your business and how to scale in different countries. Also on a consultancy basis.

Doing more yourself with Amazon in more than 50 blogs