As we optimize more accounts with m19 and it actually works very positively by default, we have come to realize that there are some mistakes that are often made by users of m19. But they are easy to avoid!

#1: Accidentally put an ASIN in a campaign not managed by m19 into a campaign in m19.

This error does not occur if you manage all your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns in m19 (which is quite sensible), but it does occur if some of your campaigns are managed manually/by an agency. As you can see below, m19 sends an alert saying "The ASIN in the strategy is registered in another campaign" alert from m19.

This is a situation that needs to be corrected as soon as possible because it prevents m19 from optimizing the ads for the relevant ASIN, if you leave it as it is then the AI will get wrong feedback and will not be able to work. So adjust.

#2: There has long been a great discrepancy between the target ACOS and the actual ACOS.

One of the best features of m19 is that "m19 can fully automatically optimize Amazon sponsored ads if only two settings are made at the beginning. However, there are very many cases where a large discrepancy between target ACOS and actual ACOS is not checked when selecting the target ACOS optimization mode.

1) Streef ACOS << Feitelijke ACOS
Als de werkelijke ACOS voor de afgelopen maand 30% is, maar de doel-ACOS vanaf het begin is ingesteld op 10%, is het verschil te groot, zal de budgettering van advertentiekosten niet goed werken omdat de CPC bids verlaagd worden en zal machine learning niet goed kunnen functioneren.

2) Target ACOS >> Actual ACOS.
After some time has passed while m19 optimization is enabled, the actual ACOS will drop below the target ACOS. If the target ACOS is not reset at that time, it may remain insufficient for further optimization.

*More and more people these days are opting for the "Monthly Budget Optimization Mode," which can be conveniently used even with less data. This is a form of setting a monthly budget and then letting m19 also take care of the above, making it even easier to manage.

#3: You make a number of strategies with a small number of sales.

The number of conversions required for m19's machine learning is "2 conversions per day, for one week" for each strategy. However, because of the learning rate, "10 conversions per day for one week" is better to maximize the effectiveness of m19's machine learning, so we recommend this number.Therefore, it is better not to create too many strategies, better to start with more conversions per strategy.