Project Description

How PRANARÔM Improved Performance On Amazon Sponsored Ads

The company

Pranarôm, present in Europe and the US, is the expert in scientific Aromatherapy. It safely harnesses the active properties of plants for radiant health and well-being. Its laboratories create products based on sustainably harvested organic plants distilled or pressed into pure oils.

The challenge

Sold in a large number of pharmacies and drugstore chains, Pranarôm decided to accelerate its deployment on digital channels and, in particular, on Amazon. This decision allowed Pranarôm to strengthen its leadership position in Europe and drive its expansion into the US. Ekaterina Baybus, who joined Pranarôm as head of E-commerce, deployed a new strategy and decided to offer her team technical support on Amazon Sponsored Ads. The goal? To industrialize and boost the use of Amazon Sponsored Campaigns!

The solution

Members of the Pranarom Digital Team had been actively working with Amazon console for about a year, when they realized that continuing to manage all campaigns internally was too time-consuming and ROI was not necessarily following their efforts. Not wanting to outsource advertising to an external company, Ekaterina was looking for an AI solution they could use internally to retain the knowledge and reduce the time and effort spent. They spent about two months talking to different providers and m19 was clearly the best possible choice.

"The least I can say is that m19 has saved us hours and hours of data analysis, setup and relevant keyword research. The time m19 has saved us is invaluable and the icing on the cake is that it is really easy to use! Campaigns are created in seconds according to our goals and budget. Last but not least, the tool is constantly evolving, allowing the m19 team to adapt to our needs in real time. It is also very pleasant to work with them, they are very responsive and available to answer our questions and give us some strategic support when needed." MARA CANIVET, Digital Marketing Manager @Pranarôm


During the Covid crisis "bets had skyrocketed and it became difficult to stabilize Pranarôm ACOS at 15% target," said the Pranarôm Team. Thanks to m19, the Pranarôm team was able to control ACOS targets within a simple click and could play with ACOS target per campaign to maximize all chances. How. By lowering the ACOS target to 10-12% for the best performing products and easing it to 20% for the tail products/competitive products. After only the first month, Pranarôm saw a real decrease in cost per click while increasing the number of impressions. Moreover, for some products Pranarôm managed to generate enough traffic even before reaching the target daily spend. "Today, thanks to m19, we can generate traffic much faster and create new top-selling items!" concluded the Pranarôm Team.