Project Description

Regenerate (Unilever Group) Accelerates On Amazon

Fabernovel strategic expertise X m19's artificial intelligence for Regenerate

(Co-edited Fabernovel/m19)

In the early 2020s, while the Covid crisis and lockdown are slowing its competitors' sales, Regenerate is rapidly accelerating on Amazon and maximizing its sales, particularly thanks to Fabernovel's technology partnership with m19.

Digital acceleration under duress

Specializing in oral care, and in particular in the treatment and care of enamel, Regenerate is a Unilever Group brand. Since 2019, the brand has been working with Fabernovel's marketing performance experts, entrusting them with its media acquisition budget for the international development and digitalization of its business model.

In mid-March 2020, the Covid crisis and containment hit 3 of the markets in which we operate with the brand: France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

In this context, and while Regenerate finds itself partially deprived of its physical distribution channels, we had to accelerate quickly in the digital market.

The teams at Regenerate and media at Fabernovel then decided to focus their media efforts on Amazon, a key platform on which we were already achieving significant results.

Amazon, an instrumental marketplace for advertisers : 254 billion euros of net sales in 2019

Figures that make you dizzy and make this marketplace a must for any brand. Although this has been true in recent years, Amazon's importance is all the greater now that the current context and the health crisis have profoundly affected consumption habits.

Being present is one thing, being visible is another.
This is where the AMS - Amazon Marketing Service - sponsored campaigns to maximize product visibility - a must on a site as competitive as Amazon.

Fabernovel's media teams master this expertise, both in product campaigns, to maximize their visibility, and in brand campaigns that will strengthen brand awareness.

m19: a strategic partnership to drive sales of Regenerate

Still under pressure from the crisis context, the goals of Regenerate and Fabernovel were clear: performance, control and time savings.

Big ambitions, fulfilled thanks to Fabernovel's technology partnership with m19, an artificial intelligence-based solution that allows sellers and vendors on Amazon to control and increase their sales on Amazon.

How does it work?

Based on a performance target, machine learning algorithms optimize campaigns and auctions. All media sales operations are handled by m19 technology; vendors and sellers can then focus on their business.

Fabernovel's AMS experts - Adrien, Elliott and Jerome - assisted by François and Tarik of m19, then worked to implement the Regenerate solution from mid-April 2020 in the strategic markets of France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Strong growth in profitability and sales

With Amazon's power well established, optimizing campaign management is essential. The Fabernovel team's AMS expertise, coupled with the m19 solution, has significantly improved Regenerate's visibility and Amazon sales.

Added to this is much finer flexibility and adaptability to Regenerate's business challenges and goals, thanks to the implementation of a targeted ACOS and the ability to control daily budget expenditures.

+138% Sponsored revenue per week

(Comparison before/after activation m19, UK figures)

Behind the scenes

Adrien, Senior Media Specialist at Fabernovel, responsible for Regenerate

-Since April 2020 we have been using the m19 solution, what are the benefits?

-There are many advantages

A clear interface to analyze and compare the performance of different countries
The ability to manage campaigns with a return target
The ability to analyze the impact of sponsored campaigns on organic sales
The ability to control the daily budget and gain flexibility
A unique performance report per product

Why is it essential to combine media expertise with this type of solution?

It is essential to have media and web analytics expertise to analyze, manage and optimize through this solution. The media specialist or web analyst is usually familiar with mastering advertising platforms and complementary bidding solutions. So there are several levels of reporting where we can identify relevant insights and apply return strategies that are very common for similar solutions on the search engine or social networks.

-Will this partnership with m19 always yield as impressive results as with the Regenerate brand?

-The success of Regenerate is remarkable given the context. The dental care sector is still relatively poorly represented in the Amazon marketplace. And all the more so for the Regenerate product line, which is positioned in a very premium segment.
The m19 algorithm needs history and high sales volume for optimal optimization. With such results on Regenerate for a fairly limited depth of product line, one can expect even more impressive results from players with more items to promote. We therefore plan to deploy the solution to the majority of our customers on Amazon to help them increase their performance tenfold.