Project Description

How UMAMI increased its revenue by 3 times with M19

The company

Umami, founded in 2017, is a company that sells Bento lunch boxes in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Those Bento boxes are known for keeping food fresh in a chic, durable and easy-to-use material.

The challenge

Quite successful in 2018 on Amazon France, Umami wanted to grow further. Geo-expansion is clearly the main avenue to achieve that. And Amazon is a wonderful playground to test and accelerate in new markets. But new markets mean: new languages, additional headcounts, time-consuming campaigns and uncontrolled scale.

The solution

Thus, Umami decided to partner with m19 Technology. Delegating sponsored products Geo extension and language management to Machine Learning. m19 is a Retail Saas that enables sellers and suppliers to control and accelerate their sales on any Amazon marketplace. It uses Machine Learning algorithms and optimizes campaign management and bids according to a performance target. All media trading activities are handled by the m19 technology while the sellers and/or vendors can focus on their business.

"Thanks to m19's algorithms, I was able to tackle the geo-extension of my product. I kept the same team, languages were not a problem and the results were excellent!" - Etienne Ameil, founder of Umami

The results

In 9 months, Umami exceeded its goal. Its revenues increased threefold while its cost of sales remained the same. France, its largest market, continued to grow, but the other European countries now weigh more than 50% of the total business. Umami faced a triple challenge: continue to grow its historic market, reduce its dependence on it and, more importantly, expand into 4 new markets: Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, which grew by 330%!