On Amazon, customers can discover products in a variety of ways. They can search using specific terms, navigate through categories, or come across items grouped by features or through ads. Voice-controlled shopping with Alexa and third-party promotions also drive traffic to Amazon.

Increasing product visibility includes competitive pricing, maintaining inventory for fast shipping and offering comprehensive and accurate product details. The product detail page centralizes information for customers and includes a "Featured Offer" that Amazon selects based on criteria such as price, delivery speed and seller performance. Remarkably, multiple or no products can receive this "Featured Offer" status, which is highly sought after by sellers.

When users search on Amazon, results are typically sorted by the "Featured" label. The determination of these Featured results revolves around customer behavior, such as purchase frequency, and product details, such as title and price.

Amazon also uses badges to highlight products. The "Best Seller" badge is based on sales data, while "Amazon's Choice" designates top rated, reasonably priced items that can be shipped immediately. Promotional badges such as "Lightning Deal" and "Deal of the Day" indicate time-based discounts. Some badges, such as "Prime," indicate participation in a program, while others provide insight into customer promotions, such as when a product is added to their shopping cart.

The platform also suggests product suggestions based on user activity. For example, after viewing a particular product, Amazon can show related items purchased by other users. Products can also be highlighted based on season, new launches or editorial decisions. Customer reviews also play a role, with popular reviews highlighted.

While some badges and highlights include all offers, others may focus on Amazon's own brands. Amazon ensures fairness by holding its brands to the same standards as other sellers.

Finally, Amazon offers a paid advertising option with Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products. These ads, clearly labeled, can appear on different sections of the shopping experience. The selection of these sponsored listings depends on advertiser bids, keywords and historical customer behavior. Eligibility criteria apply to these promotional spots.